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Here at Gasket Guru we produce high quality re-production/pattern motorcycle gaskets at an affordable price.

We specialise in producing gaskets that are no longer available (NLA) from the manufacturer.

All our gaskets are drawn in CAD software and cut here in the UK from gasket sheet, in as close to the original thickness as possible.

We have a keen interest in 2-stroke sports bikes, providing cylinder base gaskets in various thickness’s, allowing engine set-up to be optimised. This is a critical aspect of 2-stroke engine set-up, where the port timings, compression ratio, and squish clearance can all be altered by changing the thickness of the base gasket.

We are continually adding to our gasket catalogue, so please get in touch using the email address if there is a bike that we do not currently cater for.

Any orders placed after 14th February 2018 will not be posted until 23rd Februrary 2018 as we are currently catching up on previous orders and re-hashing the way the business works. Emails will be answered as normal. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Dismiss